“Driving Classics Into The Future”

With the help of Millers Oils, Morris Lubricants and Penrite Oils

G B Auto Services offers a range of Engine oils, Transmission oils and Fuel Treatments that have been developed to protect and enhance the engines of Veteran, Vintage and Classic vehicles.

What is ZDDP?

ZINCDIALKYLDITHIOPHOSPHATE (Anti-Wear Additive Zinc/Phosphorus)

Classic Car owners and enthusiasts are reporting frequent cases involving serious wear on the camshafts and cam-followers.

Part of this problem is caused by the reduction of ZDDP in modern “low saps” engine oils.

A low content of ZDDP will cause wear but also a high content will cause wear, so a formulation that includes the optimum amount of ZDDP will provide the best possible protection for highly loaded engine components, reducing the wear in both high performance and older classic cars.

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol itself is not a corrosive material but it is hygroscopic i.e. it attracts water which will facilitate corrosion.  The manufacturing process for ethanol fuels also contains some acidic by-products which can have a further corrosive effect.  

Millers Oils Fuel Treatments, EPS and VSPe use a proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors to eliminate corrosion in fuel containing up to 10% ethanol.